Chase Stone

Bandit King/Vampire High-Born


Sitting at the Top in a manor on the east side of Karinthia, Chase Stone watches over the bandits after establishing himself as the best in town.

Wearing leather and equiped with nothing but a lockpick and a Dagger, it is said little is out of the reach for Chase Stone.


Born to a wealthy merchant family by the name Raj Haven, seeking a life to make his own he sets out at the 450th year to follow the excitement of Pryn. Which, at the time, promised great fortune for go-getters and entrepreneurs.

Finding it hard to be accepted as starting out as a nobody and failing to obtain his dream of making his life his own, he joined a group of bandits to make a living. His skills were weak and he soon became the wide-spread joke of the Bandit community.

The Bandit community left him behind in the slums of Pryn in hopes to start a small colony. A colony free from rules and shackles which then became the bandit town of Karinthia.

With resentment in his heart the now reinvented Chase Stone set out to find his own Bandit crew and prove that he was the best Bandit Pryn, and Karinthia, ever seen.

Chase Stone eventually got wind of great treasure in a cave of the Karinthian Mountains and put everything, even his small crew, on the line to obtain the fame and fortune promised in the cave. Little did he know it was inhabited by a large family of Vampires. These vampires were led by none other than M’ndas: Vampire Lord.

After having his whole team demolished Chase Stone begged for freedom, exchanging himself for freedom. And thus M’ndas transformed him into a vampire in which he stayed with the family until M’ndas disappeared.

Upon the disappearance of Chase Stones ‘father’ as well as mentor, he made his way back to find the bandits, to prove to others that he has obtained his goal of riches and fame. He resides in Karinthia, overwatching and extortiing those he deems fit.

Chase Stone

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